A Connection represents a relationship between a Retailer and a Vendor on the RevCascade platform. Use the connections endpoint to look up data about the relationship such as the allowed shipping methods and other connection-specific settings and credentials.


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GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/connections/ Get a list of Connections
GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/connections/{id}/ Get a single Connection
Connection Properties
Name Description


integer (11)

A static id assigned by RevCascade. Can be used as the primary key in the url of other connection endpoints.



The brand or vendor attached to the connection.

"brand": {
    "id": 1000,
    "name": "Demo Brand"


string (16)

The relationship level of the connection. Values include:

  •   •   Full - the connection is live approved for transactions.
      •   Basic - the connection is live, but not yet enabled for transactions.


string (16)

The current status of the connection. Values include:

  •   •   Active - the connection is live.
      •   Pending - the connection is waiting for activation.
      •   Suspended - the connection has been placed on hold.


array of objects

Array of settings associated with the connection. This array is only returned in the detail route and will also only contain keys relevant to your circumstances and requirements.


array of shipping methods

Array of shipping methods authorized for use with this connection.

"shipping_methods": [{
    "id": 1,
    "name": "UPS Ground",
    "code": "Ground",
    "type": "small_parcel",
    "carrier": {
      "id": 2,
      "name": "UPS",
      "code": "UPSN"
    "generic_shipping_method": null

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Operation Details & Examples
GET /v1/retailers/connections/ Get a list of connections
Optional Query String Parameters


integer (11)

Filter connections using a brand id.

Get all connections


Lookup a connection using a brand id.


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GET /v1/retailers/{retailer_id}/connections/{id}/ Get a single Connection

Get a single connection by its ID.


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